Class Deviation 2018-O0001
Additional Special Emergency Procurement Authority-Delegation to Head of Contracting Activity

Effective immediately, for DoD acquisitions of supplies and services funded by DoD appropriations, contracting officers shall use the special emergency procurement authorities as set forth in the procedures provided in the attachment to this class deviation from the DFARS. This class deviation delegates to the head of the contracting activity the decision authorities provided to the head of the agency by the class deviation from the FAR, 2017-O0007, Special Emergency Procurement Authority. Class deviation 2017-O0007 implemented 41 U.S.C. 1903, as amended by sections 816 and 1641 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. This deviation also expands nonstatutory emergency acquisition flexibilities relating to item unique identification, receipt of only one offer, and limitations on time-and-materials contracts to include contracts that facilitate defense against or recovery from cyber attack, facilitate the provision of international disaster assistance, or support response to an emergency or major disaster.

This deviation will remain in effect until incorporated in the DFARS or otherwise rescinded.

Effective Date: November 8, 2017 (5 years ago)
Expire Date: None Given
Incorporated: May 30, 2018 (4 years ago)
References: 2017-O0007
Official Documents: Memo
Official Attachments: 1
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