Class Deviation 2000-O0004
Waiver-General Services Administration (GSA) Utilization Screening for Department of Defense (DOD) Property

I waive the GSA screening requirements prescribed in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 45.608-1(b), 45.608-4, and 45.608 5(b) for special test equipment without standard components. I also waive the GSA screening requirement at FAR 45,608-4 for DOD property in poor and salvage condition (Items reported in the inventory schedule with conditions codes: A3, A6, A9, B3, B6, B9, F3, F6, F9, or HX).

These waivers are effective from March 7, 2000 through March 6, 2002.

Effective Date: March 7, 2000 (23 years ago)
Expire Date: March 6, 2002 (21 years ago)
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